As owners we will constantly strive to offer the greatest training to our members, forever expanding our knowledge base and expertise. We too will continue to be students of those that can teach us concepts or methods we have not yet tried or discovered.

However, our promise is to only incorporate that which is beneficial to our bodies and overall health. Common sense guides our practice. The value we offer is exemplified in our distinct training philosophy and genuine care for each member. They will see & feel our sincerity through our interactions, instruction, and discussions with them.

Our passion for what we do will come through easily, for they will see the satisfaction & happiness we feel from the work we do.



Fitness - Certificate 3 & 4
CrossFit Coach - Level 2
Power Lifting Coach - Level 1
Kettle Bell Master Functional Trainer
Diploma of Sports Management and Psychology
CrossFit Kids Trainer - Level 1
Olympic Lifting Coach - Level 1


I have a huge passion for fitness and our CrossFit community. I believe that every one of our members has their own fears, dreams, and passion that has drawn them to CrossFit in one way or another.

As a coach I love motivating and inspiring others, seeing the changes inside and out that come from the empowerment of seeing results from their hard work and dedication.

As a busy mum of 2 little ones, I understand the demands of daily life and the importance of balance in everything we do.

My family is what drives me to be a better version of my current self and I’m so lucky that this is my job, helping others become and see how amazing they really are.


I’ve been fairly active all my life with sports. I found CrossFit through Nat and enjoyed the intensity and challenges it brings.​

I’m doing things now I never would have imagined being able to do. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been and like the fact, we can involve our whole family in the gym and be better role models for them.​

Coaching is something I really enjoy, helping others reach their full potential, just seeing what more confidence can do to change the life of so many really is the best part.


CrossFit Coach - Level 1
Personal Training -  Cert 3 & 4


I was always involved in sports until work and life took priority. Wanting to regain fitness and better general health I discovered CrossFit by chance after seeing the CrossFit Games online.

The Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting involved in CrossFit is what appealed to me. The strength, speed and mobility required to perform these movements is what we are continually chasing to be better.

There is always a goal to achieve to make yourself fitter, healthier and stronger.


CrossFit Coach - Level 2
AWF Club Weightlifting & Sports Power Coach


I started CrossFit in 2014, while I was still a teenager. I fell quickly in love with the constantly varied workouts that CrossFit gave and loved the support and guidance of a coach.

My passion for health and fitness had a major positive shift in my life, which led me to where I am today!

No matter how new or advanced you are in CrossFit, there is always something you can strive for and work towards. Everyone who has walked in the doors of CrossFit started at the same point as you. Beginner or Seasoned Veteran, everyone does the same workout together just at their own level.

I love being able to help people practice safe exercise, guide them through the workout, let them see constant progressions and have fun while doing so. To see peoples confidence and beliefs evolve, to know their body is more capable than they are aware, and to feel the trust they have for me as a coach completes me as a trainer.

In 2021, becoming a mum and safely training in pregnancy and postpartum for general health and well-being took my knowledge as an athlete and trainer to the next level. Everyone has their own journey, I just love helping guide mums and mums-to-be through it.

I am also a Nutritionist which is a path I chose because I love the connection that food and exercise have for ultimate health, wellbeing, performance and recovery.


CrossFit Coach - Level 1
Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
CrossFit Training - Pregnancy and Postpartum Athletes
Certificate 4 in Nutrition


My fitness journey began after the birth of my third child at 38 yrs old. I wasn’t a “natural athlete” or particularly sporty but I knew I wanted to be as healthy as I could be for myself and for my boys.

Becoming a coach has allowed me to share my experience and passion with others, to help them see all the amazing things they are capable of and to guide them on their own journey.

Watching someone start out worrying about what they “look” like and then changing to focus on what they are capable of, setting goals, becoming happier and stronger, I treasure it.

We are a family, these people are my friends, I care about them. Coaching is a privilege and I couldn’t be more invested in the success and happiness of others.


CrossFit Coach - Level 2
CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1
CrossFit Kids Coach - Level 1
Studying Personal Training -  Cert 3 & 4
AWF Club Weightlifting & Sports Power Coach


I’m an early childhood teacher by day, but you can also find me coaching the early morning and weekend classes at CrossFit Muswellbrook.

​The thing I love most about CrossFit is the constant challenges. There are always ways to better yourself and evolve as an athlete. I love the confidence that CrossFit gives. I know how difficult it can be to love our bodies and one of the great side effects of CrossFit is being stronger, fitter and healthier.

In my role as coach, I love seeing people achieving goals and realising the potential of their body and mind. It is so very humbling to be able to support people in becoming their best, healthy selves.


CrossFit Coach - Level 2


From an early age, I immersed myself in Sport. Playing netball, athletics and touch football at Australian Championship level.​

With nearly 6years of Crossfit under my belt, it’s become a part of my fitness journey. I joined the CFM team in 2017 in the coaching scene from wanting to help others become a better version of themselves, bringing with me an abundance of passion for all things fitness.

To compliment my passion, I’ve studied to become a meditation teacher to increase my mental game and also to be able to share the meditation experience with others which Ibelieve is still so untouched yet so powerful.


CrossFit Trainer - Level 2
Meditation Teacher
CrossFit MBK offers a distinct style of fitness training, pulling from multiple schools of training philosophies. The purpose of our training is to provide the greatest, healthiest, and most efficient results possible.

Our fitness training offers more than speed, endurance, strength, muscle growth, and fat loss.

The training will be extremely challenging, unique, and creative in ways that spark inspiration for all. When our members finish each session, they learn something about themselves and feel invigorated, seeing how much they can truly accomplish when driven.
The training at CrossFit MBK will develop strength physically & mentally for each member. We believe that strengthening one’s body & mind allows a person to reach their fullest potential in all aspects of life.​

This is not just a stop off before or after work. A training session at CrossFit MBK is a planned event. People who train here enjoy challenging themselves and being challenged by others. Most of all, they love training with people who have the same mindset; believing that motivation is temporary and inspiration lasts forever.
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